Welcome to the Town of Fort Erie and The Friendship Trail

The Friendship Trail extends 16 kms across the Town of Fort Erie, running parallel to the north shore of Lake Erie. Beginning at the Port Colborne border in the west, this relaxing and picturesque trail takes visitors through lush farmland, quaint villages, pristine watersheds, and quiet residential areas as it leads to historic Old Fort Erie, Lake Erie and the Niagara River Recreation Trail .

Much of the trail is located upon an abandoned rail line, meaning it is relatively level and smooth - an easy ride for children and adults alike. The trail is used by walkers, hikers, cyclists and rollerbladers in the summer, and hikers and cross-country skiers in the winter. Of course, the trail is also wheelchair accessible.

The Friendship Trail forms the southerly link of the Greater Niagara Circle Route, a 150km multi-use trail system winding through the beautiful Niagara Peninsula.

The Friendship Trail is also part of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail - connecting to Trenton, Ontario, and the 17,000km Trans-Canada Trail - connecting to Victoria, British Columbia, St. John, Newfoundland and Tuktyuktuk.

Free parking is available in municipal parking lots off Ridge Road, Crescent Road, and Lakeshore Road. The Village of Ridgeway, at the westerly end of the Trail, provides an ideal trailhead with ample parking and a wide variety of commercial facilities and eating establishments.

Did you know?

The trail is just one part of a 17,000 km trail system that stretches from St.John, NFLD to Victoria, BC and as far north as Tuktyuktuk!


Attractions along the trail

Numerous side attractions are within easy reach of the Friendship Trail:

Old Fort Erie - Lakeshore Road
Crystal Beach Waterfront Park - park, boat launch, Lake Erie access 2km south on Gorham Rd
Fort Erie Historical Museum - 1km north on Ridge Rd
Ridgeway Battlefield Museum - 2.5km north, on Ridge Rd
Shagbark Trail Nature Trail - 1km north, on Prospect Point Rd
Lake Erie Access - 1km south, on Burleigh Rd, Crescent Rd, Windmill Point Rd, and Stone Mill Rd
Camping/Swimming - Stone Mill Rd
Windsurfing - 0.5km south on Bertie Bay Rd
Waverly Beach Park - Intersection of Friendship Trail and Helena Street

Trail users should note that several local roads cross the trail. Trail users must obey the STOP SIGNS at each crossing. While these crossings are well marked both on-trail and on-road, caution should still be used when crossing.



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See you on the trail!



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